Biotin (also known as Vitamin B7) is a nutrient known to interact with several blood tests including thyroid function, heart attacks, prostate, parathyroid, cortisol, sex hormones and Vitamin D if taken above recommended daily values. Supplements containing high levels of biotin include some multivitamins and formulas for hair/skin/nails, diabetic/glucose control, multiple sclerosis, and biotinidase deficiency.

3 manufacturers of COVID-19 antibody tests (also known as Ig or immunoglobulin tests, generally used to indicate past infection) report that their tests utilize biotin (Elecsys by Roche; Atellica, ADVIA Centaur and Dimension EXL by Siemens; New York SARS-CoV Microsphere by Wadsworth Center), which means high biotin intake may falsify test results. These tests already have widely-ranging and debatable positive and negative predictive values; Naturopathic Alliance is unaware of any controls regarding biotin used in the sampling for these tests.

Note: This news should not be misinterpreted as a reason to doubt the high case numbers in some places like the southern U.S. A very different test (the PCR test) is what is used most commonly for diagnosis of current COVID-19 infections. 


  • Research suggests eliminating high doses of biotin (supplements and injections) for a 1 week period before a blood draw is adequate. Talk to your integrative healthcare provider before making any changes to medications or supplements.


Sean Hesler, ND lives and practices in Gilbert, AZ. He is a founding member of the Naturopathic Alliance.