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The role of our guest writers

The Naturopathic Alliance exists to counter misinformation and provide/promote good information to the naturopathic profession, other healthcare workers, and the public. Our current focus is topics around COVID-19. 

We are a small but committed group of volunteers, recognizing the limits of our available time and breadth of expertise needed to understand all aspects of this crisis. We welcome guest contributions to assist us in providing quality information to the audience we serve.


The Naturopathic Alliance aims to promote progressive values, including science, open communication, mutual respect, opportunity and fairness for all, service, community building, trust, etc. Submissions must align with (and hopefully promote) these values.


Articles must be original, previously unpublished, and written by physicians/doctors with a naturopathic degree from a CNME-accredited institution, naturopathic students, or those with health care education or other relevant area of expertise. Articles should be tailored to the general public.

We invite short posts and longer think-pieces. Both must include referencing through hyperlinks or APA referencing.

Regular posts 

A typical response piece to a study, article, blog, health policy, or health event. These posts explain why the study/article/etc is worth reading, and how it can be understood, applied, or connected with other evidence, studies, ideas, etc. There must be value added beyond the link itself. 

We will not accept any submissions that are fear-mongering or advocate conspiracy theories. We advocate evidence and theories that are widely supported by science and accepted by reputable public health and policy experts.  Posts should be approximately 400 – 600 words.


We aim to produce no more than two think-pieces per week, usually to be published on weekends when our readers may have more time. These submissions should present an original or thought-provoking perspective regarding:

  • health
  • social/racial determinants of health
  • implications of policy decisions
  • public health strategies and history
  • etc.

These pieces must present the reader with deeper or novel insights than they might usually encounter.

Think-pieces should be approximately 1,000 – 1,500 words (negotiable depending on quality)

Language and tone

  • Be calm and circumspect.
  • Be warm and empathetic in a professional way. Show that we understand that sometimes all options are painful in some way.
  • Don’t exaggerate. This includes watching your adverbs and adjectives. “Disaster” is enough; we don’t need to write “terrible disaster”.
  • Keep language clear and professional. Use big words or long sentences sparingly. Assume your audience is reasonably well-educated but doesn’t have the time or energy to wade through dense text.
  • When talking about the disease, use this format: COVID-19. When talking about the virus that causes the disease, use its official name: SARS‑CoV‑2. (Please note and use this formatting.)


When sharing an article or someone else’s work:

  • Never link to misinformation/propaganda; it has enough circulation.
  • Add some value – highlighting a quote or statistic, discussing its implications or how it fits in with other information, etc.
  • ALWAYS ATTRIBUTE (hyperlink, footnote, etc.)

Editorial and publication process

Articles are reviewed and edited for accuracy, style, grammar, and space. Publication of an article is not guaranteed. Any promotion of products or services will be deleted in the editing process.

Edited articles may not be provided to authors prior to publication. However, for submissions that require significant edits, we will email you once with our edits prior to publication. Contributors’ choices will include clarifying elements of the submission/edits or withdrawing the piece entirely. 


Depending on a variety of factors, publication may take place the same day as submission or up to 2 – 4 weeks from the date of submission. We appreciate follow-ups and enthusiasm but pushiness and undue concern about promoting one’s one piece will be disqualifying.