In honor of naturopathic medicine week, the Naturopathic Alliance wants to take this opportunity to share one of our guiding principles. 

There is no individual health without community health.

As we moved into our second year as an organization, we took some time to consider our unique position in supporting the naturopathic community. We found so much opportunity for our organization to fill gaps missing in current professional organizations and took it upon ourselves to begin building. We have drafted an expanded mandate, which connects the principles that have been guiding and uniting us within  our organization to what we feel inspired to offer the naturopathic community and the public at large.

In the coming months, we will share these principles with you, and we hope that you connect not only with the words we share, but also the action we take. Naturopathic Medicine Week is the perfect opportunity for us to begin sharing the excitement we have within the Naturopathic Alliance with each of you. 

Our commitment to community and global health equity is at the core of each of our guiding principles. We believe that more and more care providers also understand and recognize this truth, but that more awareness, collaboration, and leadership is required. The Naturopathic Alliance exists to provide community and space for like-minded naturopathic clinicians to connect and create for the purposes of strengthening global healthcare. 

If you, too, feel connected to these words and want to be seen and heard amongst a group of other like-minded naturopathic doctors and naturopathic medical students, please sign up for our email list at: We know just the right place for you to be.

Featured image by Belle Co from Pexels


Lorna Ciccone is a naturopathic student currently living in Toronto, ON. She is a member of the Naturopathic Alliance.